How do I setup my Driver Profile?

Learn how to set up your Driver Profile and understand what it is used for.

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Driver Profile

Go to the ‘Driver Profile’ section of the app to:
See the total number of Business and Personal miles or kilometers that you have recorded with Brightmile. 
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Change Profile Details

  • Input details such as your first and last name and phone number (optional).
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Change Vehicle Details

  • Input details of your vehicle, these details will be used by the Mileage Manager Tool

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Completing these details will earn you a trophy and bonus brightmiles!

Setting up regular working patterns for trip auto-classification

By setting your regular working hours Brightmile will automatically classify any trips that start during these hours as Business. You can of course still change the classification manually after the trip.
By default, your working hours are set as 9h-18h Monday to Friday but we recommend that you set your actual hours using the day and time selector.
If you work shifts or different hours each day don't worry. Just set the working hours to the times when you do the majority of business driving.
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Configuring measurement unit & disabling trip detection

To access additional settings you can select other settings. In this section, you can choose your preferred unit of measurement and you can opt to disable trip detection.

In the configuration option, you can access and change at anytime the measurement system unit and change it from Miles to Kilometers.
You can also disable trip detection by toggling on the 'Disable Geolocation & Trip Recording' button.

Once 'Geolocation & Trip Recording'  is disabled, all data collection and transmission will be stopped. This means that we will no longer be able to detect your trips, make any analysis of your driving behaviour, or send any information on your driving behaviour to your employer.

We will, however, notify your employer that you have disabled trip detection. 

Some drivers disable trip detection when going on vacation for example. It is important to remember to deactivate it when you come back from your vacation.

 When you have disabled 'Geolocation & Trip Recording' you will see a message at the bottom of each screen, which will remind you that your trips are not being recorded. 
When you are driving for business again you can enable 'Geolocation & Trip Recording' by clicking enable

When you enter or update any details in the ‘Driver Profile’ section, remember to press ‘Done’ to save the information in the app. You will be reminded if you leave the page without saving.

Sign out from the Brightmile Driver App.
If you ever need to sign out of the app you can do so from your profile page
Note that once signed out Brightmile will be deactivated.