How does BrightRewards Work?

Learn how Brightmiles can be used to earn rewards as part of the Brightrewards program

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What can I do with my Brightmiles?

Press ‘Spend Brightmiles’ at the top of the ‘Overview’ screen of the ‘Home’ page to navigate to the bright rewards section of the app and spend your Brightmiles.
rewads entry
This launches the bright rewards experience. Note that you will need a good data connection for the best experience with bright rewards.


Here you will have two options to spend your Brightmiles: enter them into a raffle to win prizes or donate them in exchange for a contribution to a charitable donation.
The Brightmiles you have earned and have yet to spend are clearly shown at the top of the screen.
You can navigate between the raffle and charity sections by simply swiping left or right.
To exit bright rewards simply use the back button in the top left of the screen and to refresh the view simply use the refresh button in the top right of the screen.


The raffle gives you the chance to exchange your brightmiles for raffle entries. Raffle winners will receive prizes like Amazon vouchers or GCodes to spend with our Global Rewards Partner.
The raffle runs on a regular cycle, usually monthly, and the date of the next draw will be displayed on the raffle page, along with the remaining time until the raffle is drawn, the raffle prize details, and the number of entries that you have in the current raffle.
Each brightmile that you enter into a raffle counts as one raffle entry. You are able to exchange all or part of your Brightmile balance for entries.
On the date of the raffle, if a brightmile that you entered is picked as a winner then you will receive a prize. Therefore, the more you enter the greater your chance to win.
You can enter the raffle at any time by selecting “Enter Raffle” or add additional entries by selecting  “Add Entries”.
To choose the amount to enter by either:
  • tapping the + or - buttons to add one entry at a time
  • Holding the + or - buttons to add entries faster
  • Selecting the entry value and typing in a value using the keyboard
  • Selecting one of the available fixed amounts
The average amount of entries per driver and your remaining brightmiles that are available to spend are shown to give you an idea of your chances to win and how many more brightmiles you are able to enter.
Entries are confirmed using “Get Raffle Entries” at the bottom of the screen. You will then be asked to confirm your entry.
We aim to notify our winners via email within 48 hrs of the raffle close date. 

Charitable Donations

The charity page allows you and other drivers to donate your brightmiles to a good cause. You can learn more about the charity by selecting “Learn more”.
The charity page will also tell you the amount that will be donated, and how many brightmiles you and other Brightmile drivers need to donate in order to trigger the donation.
Select “Donate” to make your first donation or “Donate more” if you want to add further donations. You will then be taken to the donation screen that works in the same way as the raffle entry screen detailed above.