Brightmile doesn't stop immediately at the end of a trip

Learn more about how Brightmile detects the end of a trip

You may notice that sometimes at the end of a trip you open Brightmile and it still thinks you are driving. Why would it do that?

Brightmile is constantly evaluating in a trip to decide if you have stopped permanently or are waiting at a junction or in traffic. It would be very annoying if every trip you did stopped each time you stop, there would be lots of small trips!

Sometimes journeys finish where there is less certainty of speed for example:

  • Parked in an underground carpark or in an extremely built up area
  • Leaving your vehicle quickly and walking a short distance into a building
  • Driving onto a slow moving vehicle such as for example a ferry
  • Remote or mountainous location.

To manage this Brightmile can sometimes spend a few minutes at the end of a trip confirming you have really stopped. But don't worry this is normal.This extra time spent deciding to end the trip is removed once the trip is completed as part of our post trip analysis.