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Brightmile for Geotab

Learn more about the Brightmile App and how it works alongside your Geotab telematics device to help you understand your driving behaviour and earn rewards for safe and sustainable driving

About Brightmile

Why am I being offered the Brightmile app?

The Brightmile App is used by Drivers in over 100 countries to help engage drivers to better understand their driver behaviour and reward safe and sustainable driving.

The Brightmile App is designed to:

  • Clearly display your Geotab Safety scores
  • Allow you to understand your driving performance against colleagues and over time
  • Give you tangible rewards for safe driving
  • Ultimately help ensure that you get home safely at the end of each day

How do I earn rewards?

Learn more about BrightRewards here


Does the Brightmile App measure my driving behaviour?

The short answer is no. Brightmile for Geotab does not use your phone GPS or any other sensors to record behaviour. All driving behaviour data is from the Geotab telematics device already installed in your vehicle. 

Brightmile does also have a standalone version of the App with in built telematics. This version of the app is not used by your fleet. 


What driving behaviour metrics is Brightmile focused on?

Brightmile helps drivers focus on up to five Geotab driving behaviour metrics (Pillars). The exact setup will depend on your individual fleet and the Pillars considered to be most important. Please refer to your onboarding material or contact your Geotab fleet manager to understand the driver scorecard being used. 

Getting Started

Installing Brightmile for Geotab

There are 2 ways for the Brightmile to be installed on your smartphone or tablet. 

1) IT managed

If you are using a company device that is managed by your IT department Brightmile may have already been installed as part of the program setup. 

2) Self Install

If you have access to the App stores to self install Apps to your device you can download Brightmile by searching for the "Brightmile" or from the links below

Google Play Store

Apple App Store


Signing in to Brightmile for Geotab

There are 2 ways to sign in to Brightmile 

1) Via the Geotab Drive App 

If you are a regular user of the Geotab Drive app then as part of the Brightmile rollout it is likely you will have a new Brightmile Add-in showing in the dashboard of your Geotab Drive app. Simply clicking this will take you through to the Brightmile App and automatically log you in. Please ensure the Brightmile app is installed on your device before using the Geotab Drive Add-in. 

2) Login directly to Brightmile with your Geotab Driver account

You can login to the Brightmile app directly using the same username and password used for Geotab.


What to expect on day one

When you first login to the Brightmile app will start to synchronise with the data from your Geotab device. Once you complete your first trip with the Geotab device after Brightmile login you will see your individual trips in the Brightmile App as well as trips back to when the Brightmile for Geotab program kicked off for your fleet (up to a maximum of 10 weeks)


When do I start earning BrightCoins and rewards?

With Brightmile for Geotab you will start working towards earning BrightCoins as soon as you first login to the Brightmile App. this registers you as a rewards user and starts the rewards experience. 


Common Questions


Is Brightmile for Geotab the same as the Brightmile standalone app?

It is the same app but when signing in the Brightmile app recognises Geotab users and reconfigures to behave differently. The core experience is the same but we remove all of the built in Brightmile Telematics and use Geotab data instead. As part of this we adjust a number of other smaller features in the app that are not relevant to Geotab.


There are no trips being shown on Brightmile

If you have logged in to Brightmile and have completed at least one trip in your Geotab equipped vehicle since you should see your trips in the Brightmile Trips page. If there are no trips showing then there is an issue with the setup of your Geotab driver account or installation of your Geotab Device. Contact your fleet administrator to troubleshoot your Geotab setup.