Can Brightmile interfere with other apps on my phone?

In this article we will look at why Brightmile cannot interfere with other apps on your phone.

We are often asked, with Brightmile running in the background detecting trips, can it interfere with other apps? The short answer is NO. 

Both Apple and Google have invested years in ensuring that rogue apps cannot interfere with the experience on their phones. This is managed in the following ways:

  • Apps can only access shared resources on a phone such as memory and storage through a set of controlled public API's. These API's are designed to ensure that no single app can hog a phone's resources or interfere in a malicious way with the operation of the phone. They also provide some additional benefits in allowing Brightmile and other apps to work together to share resources, so for example helping Brightmile to work with other apps to share access to common updates such as time and movement. 
  • Every App published in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store goes through a rigorous set of tests by the Apple and Google teams before they are allowed to be published. This applies not only to the initial version of the app on the store but also every single update, however small, made to an app. Brightmile is only published through these approved Apple and Google stores. 

If that wasn't reassurance enough Brightmile has been working with Drivers for over 4 years across 1000's of drivers and millions of miles on the road. If we were managing to get around the restrictions of Google and Apple and were interfering with our Drivers phones we wouldn't have the international customers and drivers we do today.