Does the Brightmile Driver App require data connectivity to work?

Understand that data is not required to detect and record trips but that to explore the app data is required.

No. Detecting and scoring of your Trips happens ‘in-app’ and therefore a data connection is not required.

After the end of a Trip, next time you have a data connection the Brightmile Driver App will send a small packet of data back to the Brightmile back-end to finalise your scores.

You will, however, need connectivity to login to the app and to view your latest trips/behaviour scores.

How much data does the Brightmile Driver App use?

Brightmile has been developed to do as much processing as possible within the app and so only very limited amounts of summary data are sent to the Brightmile Platform. Brightmile will use ~40Mb of data per month for typical usage.