How can I optimise my Blackview Phone or Tablet for best trip detection?

Brightmile may occasionally miss a trip, but if this happens regularly, make sure you check out our tips below to get the best from the Brightmile App on your specific phone.

1. System settings -> Apps & Notifications.

2. Choose Brightmile -> Advanced settings.


3. Battery.

4. Battery optimization.

battery usage

 5. Expand the list to All applications.

6. Set Your app to Don't optimize.
battery opti

Lock in Recent apps

1. Go to Overview (Recent apps menu)-> tap the Screwdriver and Wrench icon.

2. Lock Brightmile in the White List.



You can either whitelist Your app from DuraSpeed or disable it completely.

1. Settings -> Smart Assist.

2. DuraSpeed.

 3. Here you have two options:
1. Enable Your app OR 2. Disable DuraSpeed for all apps.


1. Run application Basic Service.

2. App Manager.


3. App auto start.>Enable Brightmile


Power saver

1. Run application Basic Service.

2. Settings (top right corner).


3. Disable Intelligent power saving in sleep mode.