How can I optimise my Honeywell Phone for best trip detection?

Brightmile may occasionally miss a trip, but if this happens regularly, make sure you check out our tips below to get the best from the Brightmile App on your specific phone.

Two battery settings on Honeywell devices should be managed to ensure that Brightmile is not restricted. 

Battery Optimisation / Doze settings

Managing this setting will ensure that your device does not shut Brightmile down whilst the App is waiting for a trip to start. 

  1. Navigate to Apps > Settings > Battery
  2. Tap on the 3 dots
  3. Tap on Battery Optimisation
  4. Find your Brightmile App
  5. Tap on the Brightmie App to toggle Off Battery Optimisation

Battery Saver Mode

If this setting is not managed your device will block server syncing and background processing which will affect how Brightmile functions.

  1. Navigate to Apps > Settings Battery
  2. Tap on the 3 dots
  3. Tap Battery Saver
  4. Toggle this setting Off to disable the setting