How can I optimise my Oppo Phone for best trip detection?

Brightmile may occasionally miss a trip but if this happens regularly make sure you check out our tips below to get the best from the Brightmile App on your specific phone

Some Oppo devices have a built-in Battery Optimisation feature that will shut down apps that run in the background. To turn this off so Brightmile isn't shut down, preventing drive detection, please do the following:

For older OPPO devices:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Battery
  3. Tap on Energy Saver
  4. Tap on the Brightmile app
  5. Ensure that Background FreezeAbnormal App Optimisation, and Doze are all switched to off

For newer OPPO devices:

App specific settings
  • Open Settings
  • Select App management
  • Tap on the Brightmile app
  • Disable Pause app activity if unused 
  • Tap on Power Saver or Battery usage
  • Enable  Allow Background Running/Activity
  • Enable  Allow auto launch

Battery settings

  • Open Settings
  • Select Battery
  • Select More Settings
  • Disable Sleep Standby Optimisation
  • Next select Optimise Battery Use
  • Find the Brightmile app, tap and then select Don't Optimise