My scores and trends are not updating when I re-classify

Learn more about how Brightmile optimizes data management by not recalculating immediately on every change you make

You will notice that when you make changes such as re-classifying a trip your scores and brightmile totals do not immediately update. Don't worry your changes have been saved! 

Analysing and building your driver behaviour score is managed by the App and also supported by our cloud servers that post analyse the trip data to provide further analysis and filtering of the data to provide the trip analysis and your long term driving trends. 

In order to do this for 1000's of drivers we process updates at the end of a new trip or periodically after changes to a trip details such as re-classifying. This can mean that there is as much as a 30 min delay between changes you make to classification and this reflecting in your scores although on average it will be much shorter.

If you are making changes in order to submit your mileage report then don't worry, these changes will be reflected in your report immediately as there is a slightly different mechanism powering the mileage data calculations.