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How do I signup on Android

ANDROID Signup Instructions

Download Brightmile by opening the Google Play Store and searching for Brightmile. Once installed open the Brightmile App and select “Sign Up”.

Now enter your email address. Please use the address you received your invite to Brightmile on, usually your company email address.

Note that using any other email address will result in a failure to create your account.

We ask that you review your email address carefully to ensure that it is entered correctly.

You will also need your fleet activation code. This can be found in your Brightmile Invite email.

1.Personal Details

Please provide your first name and last name so that we can create your user profile. 

2.Create Password-1

Next select your Primary Work Location. If you work in multiple countries please select the one that you most commonly work in. If your country is not listed please contact support@brightmile.io before continuing with the signup process.

And then, please insert the name of your company. Note that no other information (e.g. division/country) is needed.

This is only for reference in case of issues with signup so do not worry about the exact name used.


2.Create Password

Please create your own password which must:

  • Contain between 9-12 characters
  • Include at least 1 lower case letter
  • Include at least 1 upper case character
  • Include at least 1 number

Frame 413  You can use the ‘show password’ symbol to un-hide your password and check for mistakes.