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Trips list and Trip View - How do I see and manage my trips?

Learn how to view and navigate in the trips list, manage and modify your trips, learn more about your per trip driving behaviour and add any undetected trips

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You can navigate to your trips by tapping on this icon  Calendar Outline  in the bottom navigation of the Brightmile Driver App.

By default, the trips list will be showing the trips done today.

Viewing and Navigating the Trips List View

This is how the trips list view should look once you start to record some trips during the week

To navigate between the days, you can press on any calendar day to see the Trips that the Brightmile Driver App has recorded for you on that day, or scroll to the left to see previous weeks. 
You can always navigate back to view the current day and the list of trips done today by tapping at the quick link at the top of the screen.
We also show a visual hint to help you navigate faster. A circle will be displayed around each date for the days where trips were recorded.

Coloured circle - A day with Business trips, indicating the percentage of safe driving for that day. 

  • Red = less than 25% safe
  • Pink = 25% - 50% safe
  • Light Green = 50% - 75% safe
  • Dark Green = more than 75% safe

Dashed grey circle - A day with only personal trips

No circle - A day with no trips

Trip Detection & Blocked Permissions

 This feature makes it easier to understand when historically the Brightmile App has been blocked from detecting trips during working hours.  

The timeline at the top of your Trip View will show information to clearly identify:

  • Periods where Geolocation and Trip Recording was disabled
  • Periods where permissions/access to device location were blocked

The timeline will only show for periods where detection was blocked during working hours. 

As a reminder Brightmile requires certain permissions to function properly, such as access to your device's location. If these permissions are blocked or disabled, trip detection will be disabled. 

To view the timeline navigate to the Trip page and look for any dates on the calendar that have a red dot below them. This signifies that there was blocked detection during all or part of the working hours on that day.

If you click on the day you will then be able to see details of when trip detection was disabled.

Understanding the Trip Card and the Trips list View

In the Trips List, for the day selected, you will be able to view all the Trips recorded during that day.
The summary of each Trip will be displayed in a card as below:
Trip Card-3

Details of the Trip Summary Card

The starting point and start time of your Trip


The end point and end time of your Trip 

Whether you were the Driving or not for the relevant Trip

Trips should be classified as ‘Driving’ where you were the Driver of a vehicle for the relevant Trip.
Brightmile will detect and record Trips other than Trips for which you were the driver of a vehicle (e.g. automobile trips where you were the passenger, bus journeys, train journeys, or maybe even running or cycling journeys).
Any such Trip should be classified as ‘Not Driving’.
You can classify or re-classify any Trip as ‘Driving’ or ‘Not Driving’ at any time by pressing on ‘Driving’ or ‘Not Driving’ for such Trip.
Only ‘Driving’ Trips will be included in the Five Pillar scores that you see in the ‘Home’ section and that are reported to your employer.
You will, however, be able to see these scores for ‘Not Driving’ Trips in this section for your information only.

Whether the relevant Trip was a Business or Personal Trip


Trips should be classified as ‘Business’ where you made such a Trip for business purposes.

Any Trip not conducted for business purposes should be classified as ‘Personal’. You can however re-classify any Trip as ‘Business’ or ‘Personal’ at any time by pressing on ‘Business’ or ‘Personal’ for such Trip.

Only ‘Business’ Trips will be included in the Driver Score and Five Pillar scores that you see on the ‘Home’ page, and that are reported to your employer.

Remember to use the ‘Trip Auto Classification’ section of the App to input your regular working hours.
Any Trip recorded during these hours will be auto-classified as ‘Business’.
Any Trip recorded outside of these hours will be auto-classified as ‘Personal’.

Note that it may take up to 30 mins for your overall driver scores and trip scores to update after you re-classify a trip.  Mileage reports will however reflect all recently re-classified trips.

How safe your driving was during the trip
Each trip will show a percentage score at the top left of the details card. This shows the percentage of the total trip distance that was driven without breaching any of the Five Pillars.
Option to Add a Trip Purpose

Detail on Individual Trips 

To see more detail on an individual Trip, press on the arrow at the top right of the trip summary.
Trip Card-4
You will then be able to see your scores across the Five Pillars for the relevant Trip.

See below for more information on how the Five Pillars are calculated.

Note that we do not tell you where individual incidents occur (e.g. exactly where you were Speeding or where a particular Distraction Event occurred). This is because at Brightmile we do not dwell on individual incidents, nor are individual incidents reported to your employer.

Rather we focus and report on trends which we observe over time to identify patterns (e.g. whether you are a habitual speeder or user of your smartphone whilst driving) and are not susceptible to individual incidents.

When viewing the trip detail, you also have the option to Edit the trip for starting point, end point and mileage of the Trip by clicking on edit in the top right of the screen.
Use this option if we have not accurately captured the start, end or mileage of a Trip.

Adding a Trip Manually

If Brightmile has missed one of your driving Trips, press the burger menu at the top of our Trip View to manually add a Trip. 
No Five Pillar scores will be available for manually added trips

 Why do my trips sometimes split?

Brightmile automatically stops trips based on triggers such as leaving the vehicle and walking or to account for drivers taking a rest in the car but not leaving it, when there is no movement for 5 mins.

In heavy traffic it is not possible for us to identify the difference between being sat in the vehicle stopped or being stuck in traffic for 5 minutes.

Split trips will not affect your overall driver behaviour scoring.

Saving favourite locations

An additional feature to help you keep track of your trips is Saving Locations, this feature allows you to use friendly names to replace the address for regularly visited locations, making it easier to recognise your trips.

You can add, edit and delete your saved locations through the settings page in your app - or directly in the trip view.

To access via the settings page, click on  Saved Locations towards the bottom of the page. 

Settings           Saved Locations-1

To add a new location, click ‘Add location’ at the top of the screen. From here you can add a name for your location and the address. Start typing the location you would like to save in the search bar and once the map shows the correct location click confirm. 

Edit Location

You can also see any previously saved locations. If you need to edit or delete a location, click the three dots on the right side of the address. 

You can also add or edit a location directly from the trip page, either by clicking the icon next to the start/stop location in the list view or by clicking the address field on the trip details page.