What is my overall Driving Score and what does it mean?

You will be awarded a Driving Score each calendar week based on the percentage of safe and sustainable kilometres or miles you drive that week

Your overall Driving Score is calculated out of 100 based on the percentage of business km/mi driven without triggering any of the Five Pillars

The colour of your score will vary every week depending on how well you are doing compared with your colleagues:

  • Dark Green: Top 25%,
  • Light Green: 75%-50%
  • Light Red: 50%-25%
  • Dark Red: Bottom 25%

To enable you to continuously improve your driving performance, we assess your scores on a weekly basis. At the end of each calendar week, your Driving Score will be calculated and reset - giving you the opportunity to improve each week

Property 1=Active

If you have not recorded at least 10 km of Business driving with Brightmile in a calendar week, you will not receive a Driving Score. 

If you are consistently missing trips, make sure that your device is correctly configured - reach out to the Brightmile support team for any additional help.

Driving Score Trend Graph

In this graph, you can see your overall Driving Score over time and how it compares to your colleagues