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What data are we collecting on our Drivers and how do we ensure the privacy of Driver data?

Once the Brightmile Driver App is downloaded to your smartphone, it will start analysing your driving behaviour based on the Five Pillars.


In order to do this, we will need to start collecting data from your smartphone’s sensors including GPS location and accelerometer data.


The privacy of your personal data is of paramount importance to us and we have taken every available precaution to ensure data security.


For more information on data privacy please refer to our Privacy Policies found at https://portal.Brightmile.io/privacy/android and https://portal.Brightmile.io/privacy/ios.

​What will the Brightmile Driver App tell my employer about me?

Your employer will receive the following information about you:

  1. your scores across the Five Pillars,
  2. what type of road you are driving on (e.g. freeway/motorway vs. urban vs. country roads),
  3. your total mileage and how this is broken down between Business and Personal trips
  4. whether you are disabling Geolocation and Trip Recording regularly during business hours,
  5. high-level metrics on your usage of and engagement with the Brightmile Driver App, and
  6. other data that you input into the app (e.g. vehicle details).

Will my employer know where I am?

No. The Brightmile Driver App requires access to your GPS location so that Brightmile can use this in our assessments of your driving behaviour (e.g. to calculate your speed).


However, at no time will your location be communicated to your employer or to anyone else.


​Will my employer receive information about my driving when I am not working?

No. The Brightmile Driver App only sends your employer information on your driving for Business Trips. 


You will see information on your driving on Personal Trips in your app, but this will not be sent to your employer.