What is BrightCoach and how does it work?

BrightCoach provides you with interactive training sessions to help you refresh or improve your driving skills

If your company has subscribed to BrightCoach, you will see the BrightCoach section on your App homepage.

How does BrightCoach work?

BrightCoach provides e-learning modules directly through the Brightmile App to refresh your knowledge and help you remain safe out on the road. Training modules will be a mixture of 10-15 minute modules followed up by periodic refresher micro modules* (<5 Minutes to complete). 

When you select "start training" you will be taken to your own personalised content page. 

Modules are assigned at the start of each month in two ways:

Calendar Based

These modules cover general topics that we can all learn something from including seasonal content. Your first module will be assigned when you complete your benchmark phase and then further modules approximately 1 every 2 months, helping you to explore important subjects on general driving skills and behaviour.

Targeted Skills 

These modules are delivered to you based on your driving behaviour helping you with knowledge and tips that can be used to help improve your Brightmile Five Pillar scores.

From the end of Month 2 and at the end of each month that follows, your previous month's scores are assessed against your team targets. If you are above target for any of the Five Pillars, a training module will be assigned, subject to a maximum of 1 targeted module to be assigned each month (in addition to any calendar-based general modules).

If you are above target in more than one Pillar for a month, only 1 targeted module will be assigned. This may not be based on your worst Pillar - it will depend on modules that have previously been assigned/those you have yet to be assigned.

Micro Modules will be assigned 3 months after completing a main module to refresh your knowledge*.

How long do I have to complete assigned modules?

BrightCoach is designed to not bombard you with modules - we know you are all busy people!

You can expect no more than 2 full modules a month and less if you are driving well. Modules are assigned at the start of each month and we encourage you to try and complete your new modules within the month.

We hope you will give the modules your full attention and take away some of the learnings to help you remain safe on the road. If you have any questions or feedback please contact the Brightmile support team who will be more than happy to help. 

*Micro modules not supported in all languages