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Will Brightmile drain my battery?

Brightmile has been engineered to carefully minimise battery usage. Learn how Brightmile manages this and what to expect for your battery life

The Brightmile team have invested years of development effort to minimise the impact of Brightmile on your device's battery life. We know that you, like ourselves, rely on your devices and the last thing you need is for Brightmile to get in the way of that!

We closely monitor the battery usage of the Brightmile App for each of our drivers.

When you are not driving, the Brightmile App is asleep in the background and uses hardly any of your device’s battery life (typically 1-2% over the course of a day). 

When you are driving, the Brightmile App uses a little more battery as we are assessing your driving behaviour. We typically see battery usage at less than 3% of battery for one hour of driving. 

If you drive for several hours in a day, and/or if you also run other apps whilst driving (and especially apps that require access to your GPS, Bluetooth or cellular data like navigation services or Spotify), we would recommend that you charge your device in-vehicle to ensure that the combined impact of all of these apps does not drain your battery.


Note that there may be variations by handset and battery age, but overall with several thousand drivers worldwide and our careful monitoring, we are confident that our drivers will not need to worry about Brightmile draining their device’s battery.