How to ensure we capture your trips correctly

At Brightmile we endeavour to capture the majority of your trips. If you are missing more than the occasional trip then use the following checklist to make sure you are getting the best from Brightmile and maximising your brightcoins!

  • Ensure your phone is powered on and you are logged in to Brightmile - We know this might seem obvious but let's rule this one out first ;)  We would recommend you open the Brightmile App at least once a month to ensure you remain logged in. Of course we hope to see you more often
  • Keep your phone away from other phones, laptops or large electronics. If you have 2 phones make sure you don't keep them both in the same pocket or cup holder. They will interfere with each other.
  • Ensure that your phone is not placed under large objects. If problems persist then for best GPS signal place the phone in line of sight to the car windscreen.
  • Ensure that the app permissions are all enabled by opening the Brightmile app. The app will advise if there are any permissions that are incorrectly set. 
  • Ensure that you have NOT disabled GPS or High Accuracy location modes on your phone - Modern smartphones have addressed the old issue of GPS consuming large amounts of battery. There is rarely need to turn off GPS these days, but if you do don't forget to enable again before you drive!
  • If you have Bluetooth Handsfree or Bluetooth Audio in your car then connecting your phone with these when driving will assist with trip detection.
  • Ensure your phone remains charged. We would recommend charging your phone when driving for longer periods if possible. Also please ensure Brightmile is not being battery managed by your phone as this will interfere with our ability to detect trips in the background. Note that Brightmile will  be shut down when your battery is very low.
  • Ensure your phone is on 2 minutes before entering the vehicle. Turning on your phone at or in the vehicle will not allow brightmile to correctly assess the triggers required for trip detection and may lead to delayed trips.
  • To ensure that Brightmile is not suspended from running in the background, please try to regularly open the Brightmile app. This is not only useful in viewing your latest behaviour scores while the trips are fresh in your memory, viewing Brightmile regularly also prevents the app from being shutdown without your knowledge by any app/battery optimizing settings. 
  • Important - On iOS, your iPhone will occasionally ask "Brightmile Has Been Using Your Location In The Background. Do You Want to Continue Allowing This?" In order for Brightmile to detect drives, you must choose "Continue" to this prompt. Selecting "Don't Allow" will disable location services and Brightmile will not detect drives.
  • If you are trialling Brightmile as a passenger in a vehicle then note that handling the phone as a passenger can lead to movement that confuses activity recognition and  may interfere with or slow detection.

Android Users - Check your app settings with our manufacturer guide if you are missing trips regularly

Also please ensure the app has notification permissions and your working hours are set correctly. The "Enhanced Working hours mode active" notification will be present during working hours as this little technical trick helps us increase the responsiveness of detection in business hours. We hope it wont annoy you too much.. sorry! Blame Google for the way they design Android :)

Brightmile may on rare occasions miss a trip due to factors such as poor GPS. In this case use “Add Trip” to correct mileage records. For Driver Behaviour the occasional missed trip will not make any real difference to your overall scores, trends and rewards.


If you still have ongoing issues please don't hestitate to contact where one of the team will endeavour to help.