Distraction Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the common questions on Smartphone Distraction

Can you tell me how the app knows that I am in my van and the ignition is off?

The Brightmile App cannot detect your ignition position but does only count Distraction events when the vehicle is moving . So using your phone sat in a car park with the ignition on will not trigger a distraction. 

I need to use my phone for navigation as part of my job. Can Brightmile discount this as Distraction?

Smartphone usage whilst driving is a risky and ultimately illegal practice regardless of the reason for touching or handling the phone. We recommend that all our Drivers that use their phone for navigation mount their phone where it can be seen easily whilst driving and that the destination is set before driving. If a change of destination is needed we recommend our drivers stop safely, park and make the change. 


If I use my phone to make calls is this considered a distraction?

The answer depends on how you make and receive calls. If you use a hands-free device and have no interaction directly with the phone then Brightmile will not consider this distraction.  If you handle the phone or interact with the screen or phone buttons as part of the call it will be considered a distraction. 


I used my phone right at the end of a trip and I think Brightmile recorded it as a distraction event?

We know that many of our drivers use their phones for jobs when they arrive at site or office. We can reassure you that if the vehicle is not moving or if there is ever any doubt on speed due to poor GPS Brightmile will not record a risk event. 


My phone is in my pocket or body pouch. Can this cause false Distraction events?

The short answer is no. If you pick up your phone, unlock it and press it against your t-shirt or trousers you will notice that it doesn't accidentally control the phone. In a similar way Brightmile is not falsely alerted by body contact.

We do also look at handling the phone but this looks for very specific movements that cannot be recreated whilst in a pocket or bag or even by the phone falling out of the cradle. 

We do our utmost to ensure that we never falsely register distraction.