Insights: Targeted Interventions (Month 3+)

From Month 3 onwards, Brightmile will now highlight your best and worst drivers across the Five Pillars. At this point, we recommend that the fleet team start to engage with drivers directly.

Drivers have now been on board for at least 2 months and meaningful trends will start to emerge. 


Portal Managers can take a step back, change the view to “Last 3 months” or “Last 6 months, and look at these longer-term trends. Are your Drivers improving? How are they doing against other groups and/or your targets (if defined)?


How often Portal Managers use the Portal during this phase should, to an extent, be guided by how their Drivers are performing. 


If you see the performance and progress that you are looking for, we would recommend that Portal Managers use the Portal periodically to keep an eye on progress and identify outlier Drivers for interventions and positive reinforcement.


Otherwise, if you are not yet seeing desired results, we would recommend that Portal Managers use the Portal more frequently and take a more hands-on approach.


Portal Managers can now start to make targeted interventions based on the Portal data. 


Focusing the majority of time and energy on “Bad Outliers” will ensure that a Portal Manager is having the maximum possible impact on fleet safety and cost.


To identify “Bad Outliers” across each of the Five Pillars, press on the relevant icon in the Home screen of the Manager Portal. For more details see Understanding your best and worst Drivers.


See the example below for an example of a “Bad Outlier” in terms of Speeding.



The Driver “EH” is by far the worst performer for Speeding in April, Speeding around 40% of the time and considerably more than any other Driver in the group.


In May, “EH” performs even worse, Speeding around 55% of the time, highly unsafe behaviour.


Once identified, the recommended intervention will depend on the Driver and organisation, but the Portal Manager responsible for a Bad Outlier has a number of options:

  1. Direct messaging using your regular channel of communication to the Driver (phone call, email, text etc.). Taking quick action with even a short message should focus the Driver’s attention and create immediate impact.
  2. Face to face discussions with the Driver on their performance, using the individual Driver profile to provide detailed context. Remember that the Driver can see the same performance data you can so there should be no surprises in this discussion!
  3. Online, classroom or hands-on driver training specifically tailored to the Driver’s required areas for improvement. Brightmile can assist with integrated training partners if needed - please contact your regular Brightmile contact to discuss.
  4. More formal warnings from the organisation

Don’t forget to also identify strong performers, or “Good Outliers”, and deliver positive messaging!