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Managing your Driver List

The Drivers section lets you manage your Driver estate.
For step by step instructions on how to invite new Drivers to download the Brightmile Driver App see Section 3 above.
There are 4 classifications of Driver:
1)  “Invited” Drivers are Drivers in who have been invited to download the Brightmile Driver App but have not yet signed up.

In the “Invited” list you can identify those Drivers and whether they have read the invite or not. Drivers are automatically reminded 7 days after the first invitation if they haven’t signed up by that time. You can send manual reminders with custom messages to either individual drivers or all drivers to encourage them to sign up.
2)  “Live” Drivers are Drivers in Demo that are logged in to the Brightmile Driver App

You can see the name of the driver, which group they are assigned to (if applicable), when they last recorded a business driving trip, and confirmation of their “Live” status.

Wondering how we know a Driver is live? The app when installed and logged in sends us an occasional ping to identify that it is still in use. If we see neither the ping or a trip from a driver in 14 days they move to 'inactive'

3) “Inactive” Drivers are Drivers who have signed up to the Brightmile Driver App but are not currently recording trips due to logging out, uninstalling, or other issues which may include their phone being off for example. 


The inactive list identifies the reason for inactivity including
  • Uninstalled - Where known (Unfortunately we are not always able to receive information from the app during the uninstall process)
  • Logged Out - The driver has logged out of the app
  • Privacy Mode - The driver has blocked trips for over 2 weeks by remaining in Privacy mode
  • Location Blocked - The driver has disabled location services or the permissions for Brightmile to use location for over 14 days. 
For Drivers marked simply as Inactive the exact reason for inactivity cannot be remotely diagnosed. Some of these may be drivers who have uninstalled but our diagnostics were unable to process for example.
We recommend that you contact these Drivers to request that they re-engage with the Driver App and contact the Brightmile team if technical support is required.
4) “Archived” Drivers are Drivers that signed up to the Driver App but have now been archived by a Manager. 
You should archive Drivers who you no longer wish to use the Driver App (e.g. because they have left your company).