What phone or tablet do I need to use Brightmile?

Brightmile continues to work hard to ensure we are available to as many of our drivers as possible, we realise, particularly when it comes to work phones or tablets that they may not be the new high specification devices.

Minimum Device requirements:
  • Android Smartphone or Tablet (with Cellular) with Android Version v4.4 or newer (2014 or newer device);Note Huawei smartphones without Google Services (Chinese variants) are not supported.
    OR Apple iPhone or iPad (with Cellular) with iOS v12 or newer (2014 or newer device)
  • SIM with Data Connectivity (3G or above) - Note that trips will be recorded without mobile data but full analysis/driver experience requires periodic data connection.
  • Data plan that can accommodate an additional ~30Mb of data usage per month for Brightmile.
  • 150Mb of available free phone storage is recommended 

We work across the majority of the worlds phone manufacturers, we do recommend for Android that you check out our article on optimising your device if you feel we are missing any of our trips regularly.  Optimising your Android device for Brightmile