Where are my coins?

Brightcoins are awarded weekly on Mondays based on your average pillar scores. You might notice you didn't get any this week. This article explains why this may have happened.

You can earn up to 5 Brightcoins weekly on Mondays depending on your driving behaviour the 7 days prior. 1 coin is available to earn per pillar depending on the week priors' driving behaviour. 

The pillars are Risk, Speeding, Distractions, Fatigue, and eco. Your scores are based on the number of events per 100km you drive for work. This average is compared to the targets set for your fleet. If your average scores surpass the target,  you will not receive a coin for that pillar. 

Another reason you may not receive your weekly coins is if you recorded less than 10km in business trips from the prior week.

For more details please visit: What are BrightCoins and how do I earn them?