Driver Onboarding (Month 1)

At this stage in your Brightmile program, we recommend that the initial focus should be on ensuring that the whole fleet is onboarded.

The first 4-6 weeks after you start to use Brightmile are centred around onboarding your company’s Drivers.

We recommend that Portal Managers engage with the Manager Portal multiples times per week to monitor onboarding and driver sign-ups.


See this earlier article for more detail on how to onboard Drivers.


If there are questions from Drivers, please refer them to the Driver Help Centre, the in-App chat, or to


In the Portal “Home” section, you will be able to see some early trends across the Five Pillars by setting the time horizon to “Last 4 Weeks”.



However, at this stage, it is too early to draw any conclusions on driver performance trends. 


Many Drivers are still onboarding and familiarising to the Driver App Driver so Driver numbers and behavioural patterns are not stable enough to allow meaningful comparison of data between time periods.


For this reason, many of the Portal tools relating to longer-term Five Pillar trends, Five Pillar Distribution, and Insights are also not yet available. 


We don’t recommend any intervention with Drivers in this phase other than in relation to onboarding.