Sometimes the mileage is incorrect on Brightmile. Will this impact my driving behaviour analysis?


To ensure the app uses minimal data and battery, we place Brightmile in sleep mode until we detect a vehicle is in motion. There can subsequently be some delay to the app activating, so a short section of the start of a journey can on occasion be missed. 


There are also periods of time in a journey when we may have poor GPS connection, which can impact trip capture and mileage accuracy. 


There are a list of things the drivers can do to ensure Brightmile stands the best chance of recording journeys. These are all captured on the link below. It would be great if you could share this list with the drivers reporting trip detection issues.


Android mobile phone users can also follow these steps to optimise for better trip detection:

The good news is we only need 80% of user journeys to be able to accurately measure and report on how well users are performing against our 5 pillars of driver behaviour.


So, even with the occasional missed trip or inaccuracy of start and stop location,  drivers should be getting a very accurate measure of their driving performance. 


If you actively use the mileage manager feature, you can manually enter any missed trips. You can also adjust the start and stop location for a journey and edit the mileage.


Finally, we encourage our users to contact us directly via the in-app chat or via so our team can provide customised assistance if required.